Musings #1

Masculinity is such a convoluted concept. From the meat-head caricatures on television to the ever-growing concern for the overly chauvinistic little boys that plague social media, a clear picture of manhood is hard to define. And, quite frankly, a very difficult task indeed.

The purpose of these Musings is simply to present ideas, concepts, quotes, and thoughts that relate to masculinity. What you choose to do with that information is your own business. I firmly believe in the rights of each individual and would never force my beliefs on anyone, yet merely am trying to disseminate information that I find useful in my own life that others may find useful in theirs.

I try to live by a simple code:

  1. Be on time
  2. Speak honestly
  3. Treat people fairly

And, it is simplicity like that I intend to post. There will be longer articles, quotes from television characters, or sections from books; but the overall thrust will be simplistic masculinity. This is a hobby of mine, as I write more frequently here and here. So it back and relax and enjoy, I know I will.


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